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Cangzhou without qualification wedding master of ceremonies repeatedly misprono
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Customer claim Autumn peak in October with the arrival of marriage, especially booming wedding market. But the motley crew wedding company allows the customer to try a lot of headaches. October 15, Cangzhou, Hebei Province Mr Li is the big day. Two months ago, he signed an agreement, a wedding, and said the company hired a very famous master of ceremonies presided over weddings. Specified in the contract the wedding ceremony at 8:38 on October 15, held on time, the MC must arrive before 8:20. Lee did not expe ct to make is that this master of ceremonies until he invited 9:30 only to, and read the wrong times during the ceremony the names of new people, triggering laugh. Although the marriage ended chattering away, but always felt that Mr. Lee has spent so much money to do it out of the wedding was so much "trouble", was very depressed. So he complained to the center of Cangzhou City 12315, requiring the appropriate compensation for loss of wedding companies. 12315 staff survey, this wedding company has never been in the business sector for a business license, operating an offense. And, in agreement with the consumer provisions in the parties rights and obligations are written in general and in particular, and even some items that only the agreed price, on the mention of specific services and standards. Business law enforcement officers immediately went to the store, investigate and deal with their business activities without a license, and withheld their operational tools. Currently, the case is being further processed. Cangzhou City, 12,315 complaints and reports of new people are advised to: Select wedding to verify whether the company business license, do not believe in advertising low prices, try to pick a good reputation and experience of the company; to sign a formal service contract, and detail as possible agreed the details of the wedding; if a dispute should be noted that collect evidence, and timely complaint.