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The development of cultural brand Fenggang Overseas visitors can build the fir
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21 am, Vice Mayor Yan Xiaokang Fenggang to study overseas customers Cultural Festival 2010 preparations, and to conduct research work Fenggang culture. During the inspection, Yan Xiaokang Fenggang tap on the town characteristics and utilization of resources, the development of cultural brand and build customer overseas wedding affirmed the practice of cultural industries and cultural support proposed efforts to increase Fenggang, create the first Chinese wedding town. It is reported that 23, 2010, customers in the Phoenix Overseas Cultural Festival officially kicked off, in the 9-day period, Fong will use the five key highlights of the 16 small items, referral to the country and the world focus on customer Overseas culture. Yan Xiaokang line of off the preparations for Overseas Cultural Festival a detailed understanding of the cultural section of the proposed integration of cultural content Fenggang chess, and suggested Fenggang Overseas Cultural Festival will be off time for curing. Later, Yan Xiaokang his entourage came to the Phoenix Festival Overseas visitors the main venue for the opening ceremony of wedding Greenfield City, Overseas Cultural Festival field research off the preparations for the opening ceremony. When he heard that Fenggang Festival opening day will be for 100 couples held a collective wedding Hakka, Yan Xiaokang Fenggang to customers overseas on cultural integration with the wedding industry practice of praise and encouragement for this Fenggang as an opportunity to vigorously build the first town of Chinese wedding. Day, Yan Xiaokang Fenggang yellow line also went Tung Village, very off the village-style town houses and row houses overseas to visit the building, and the town and the development and utilization of cultural heritage protection work carried out instructions.