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20 people visiting the levy Hall wedding photography
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In recent years, Changchun photo agencies have sprung up, the photo agencies, where necessary, we have more options, but also let us a little more entangled. To meet the needs of readers and netizens, Online marriage culture channel "married Princess" launched the second phase exploration store activities, so users can stay at home in the "princess married" find the most suitable photographic agencies. This issue is for you to launch free road 7920 in Changchun, issue of the "New York New York International Wedding Hall" in the real photo shoot clubhouse million square base, you can find the mysterious European castle, palace waterways, the Century Shanghai streets, deep in the tropical rain forest, and so quiet, people exposure to fantasy, to hang around the meantime, the romantic scenes dizzying. 20 users are collected and readers to participate in activities free of charge. Time: at 13:00 on November 28 Application deadline: at 15:00 on November 26 Tel :0431 -85,374,591 Meeting Place: Changchun City, Comrade Street and Long Lai Road intersection, "New York New York International Wedding Hall" in front of New Culture Forum details, see section I want to get married.