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Gui magnificent wedding dress show by the U.S.
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Gui wedding industry by the United States as a pioneer of style, romantic, pure, good wishes to all of life into his works were constantly weaving the dream wedding dress, known as "wedding mentor." Gui retro wedding dress by the United States, complex, romantic and oriental western combines the emotion, prowess, extraordinary response. Gui by the United States as the creation of beautiful wedding style people, more than 20 countries in the world capital of organized exhibitions. Clothing through cultural activities around the world, constantly weaving the dream wedding dress, known as "wedding mentor." Gui retro wedding by the United States, complicated, amazing, and sometimes even a terrific feeling, has underestimated the extraordinary gas field, she will color and style trends infiltrated into shape and continue to create a perfect, magnificent interpretation Wedding dress show. Romantic, pure and simple style, irregular straps, ornate decoration, exaggerated skirt, wind moving, personality in the wedding in the publicity. East of Western romance and emotion of a perfect combination, the use of bright yellow to highlight the bride's magnificent temperament, inclined to self-cultivation effect is more obvious place, flowing lines, elegant yet Smart. Gorgeous and full of white gauze dress with a court exaggerated breath long necklace, bright, traditional and elegant but not formal, elegant pressing. Noble golden shoulder dress, gold is more slender slim lines, the text on the graphic skirt with Eastern flavor, the spirit of charming.