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Square wedding photography shop woman quibble raise questions
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"Wedding photography shop after another postponed date, request a full refund but was refused." Recently, Nanchang public complaints to the newspaper Miss Lin woman Square plate wedding photography shop. Ms. Lin told reporters on October 19, she was the victory in the vicinity of the plate in a woman Square wedding photography book store to spend 1,098 yuan according to a set of arts, photography time, an initial 10 29. Meanwhile, wedding photography shop Who informed her that the time may be postponed to photography on November 3rd. However, the October 30, Ms. Lin has received notice wedding photography store, photography, time must be deferred to November 16. To this end, she had requested a full refund wedding photography shop Section, but was rejected. In this regard, the plate woman Square wedding photography shop, said the staff members, due to the negligence of its staff, forget to make an appointment regarding the record books, led to delays, also known as, wedding photography shops can not refund, but Ms. Lin can be To the order transferred to others.