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Nanchang businessman " 51 " aim at new personality marriage to celebrate sales p
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"51 " what the shrink of the golden week brings is the citizen is in not only go vacationing the change on arrangement, recreational means, and numerous businessman also has many new change on target of festal sales promotion and method. Among them marriage celebrate business chance, became Nanchang the sales promotion grand opera of numerous businessman.

24 days, the reporter is in Nanchang city when a few flourishing business a sector of an area are visited, discovered an interesting phenomenon: Although method of numerous businessman sales promotion each are not identical, but many businessmen happen to coincide " 51 " sales promotion target is stared at was in the marriage of accurate new personality is celebrated on.

In a few large market, the reporter sees, they are in sales promotion activity, celebrate all sorts of marriage not only things setting is in remarkable bar position, and still tagged such as on the sign of these commodity " outfit of bridegroom, bride is recommended " , " newly-married is recommended " , " newly-married special offer " wait for model of written characters, in order to draw the look of new people. The home appliance in these bazaar sells in " 51 " besides measure of festal sales promotion, still have the such as that is aimed at new personality technically " enjoy indulgence price by the marriage certificate " sales promotion content.

The marriage that why numerous businessman stares at sales promotion target in accurate new personality in succession is celebrated on? The Zhao manager of some bazaar tells a reporter, this year " 51 " holiday shortens, average consumer uses in former years of Nanchang this locality the person-time that grows a holiday to purchase big goods will be decreased greatly, at the same time foreign travel shopper also decreases acute. Such, the sales promotion gimmick that businessman in former years relies on to sell goods will win festal gain in great quantities is in this year will hard be successful. "51 " all through the ages is the fastigium that allows new personality to hold wedding, this year truncate " 51 " holiday, a lot of new personality choose to go out no longer travel marriage, this important " 51 " the target that consumptive group nature becomes businessmen to want a lock to decide.