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Fosan of the Mid-autumn Festival works overtime not actively deal with marry reg
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This year the Mid-autumn Festival, registry office of Guangzhou city each marriage does not have a holiday, deal with normally marry the business that register. This one message lets Fosan person envy unceasingly, because of the Mid-autumn Festival the urban the Mid-autumn Festival such as Fosan still will have a holiday normally that day, do not deal with marriage to register, but the need that is like a citizen to have this side really, also can deal with ahead of schedule make an appointment marry register.

Civil administration bureau: Won't work overtime actively

A14 edition reported our newspaper on August 27 " have a holiday mid-autumn Xie Ke of bureau of the new personality civil administration that register " hind, many citizens express Fosan branch of hope civil administration can endeavor to satisfy a citizen to choose to register the desire that marry mid-autumn.

Nevertheless, eve afternoon, xiao Shenggen of division of political power of basic level of bureau of Fosan civil administration expresses clearly to the reporter, fosan marriage registry office will have a holiday in the Mid-autumn Festival, they won't be dealt with actively in holiday marry register, but the citizen has need really, they may consider to provide a service, but must make an appointment ahead of schedule.

He thinks, citizen marriage should pay attention to new culture, new style, do not emphasize blindly " old common practice " . What the citizen chooses is so called " wedding day " , of the graph " well-intentioned head " it is a few old ideas actually.

The reporter understands from registry office of marriage of buddhist the city zone at the same time, at present they had not received the announcement that upper section asks the Mid-autumn Festival works overtime temporarily.

And folk-custom expert Ren Liu think, the Mid-autumn Festival is the chiliad on China sheds the civilian tradition that hand down, the contain that be sent a lot of good image, because choose of this new person selected is in,the time of such happinesses, reunion completes his marital major issue is normal human feelings.

The expert expresses, the youth is in " the Mid-autumn Festival " a kind of esteem that registering is traditional to China culture actually and successive, should give support.