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Honduras: 470 pairs of new personality hold collective wedding in the capital
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Return to a family to appeal a Honduran, take a family seriously, cherish a family, teguxijiaerba municipal government 2 years ago annual was surely in August " domestic month " , always the free wedding that in this month marrier can enjoy municipal government to hold.

The brides that come from countrywide each district wear snow-white marriage gauze, fall in the company of bridegroom slowly had walked along square center red carpet, happiness and sweetness were full of on the face of new people.

Xiesainiya is pulling the bride oneself bridegroom says happily: "So royal bridal occasion makes me all one's life unforgettable. This is the main chance that expresses love. We need not pay any fee for wedding, municipal government offerred everything for new people. Municipal government offerred everything for new people..

A pair of grey-haired old people are conspicuous all the more in numerous new personality, it is husband of the funeral when Maria is 42 66 years old years old, with He Sai of 75 years old acquaintance loves each other later, 29 days of old people of this pair of happiness enter marital hall eventually.

City mayor Awaleisi says the Teguxijiaerba that attends wedding, the family is social cell and the base with stable society. Happy and perfect family can gift person courage, give a person the support, power that brings a person to struggle. Only every family is stabilized happily, social ability health develops.

It is reported, there already were many pairs of 1000 newlywed people August in Teguxijiaerba knot of city happy event manages repeatedly.