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"The " green " of the new personality after 80" is bridal
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Everybody dreams to hold a pure beauty " is white bridal " ? Be in Shanghai, have now so a flock of youths, they use environmental protection shopping bag, ride elevator less everyday, air conditioning temperature the lock is 28 ℃ surely. In marry that day, they spend the door with eatable of grape make it, will plant with the time that takes outer door scene originally a tree stays make commemoration day, will " green " in permeating wedding.

This is opposite Shang Ming and Luo Yi " 80 " the new personality after, in oneself the day of great rejoicing does not ask motorcade, taking the seedling of a sapling, organic grange that riding a bicycle to come to Feng Xian. They want to bring relatives and friends fresh and green the green that is about to drip is bridal, plant with one's own hands the sapling of the testimony of next love.

Bridal timeline is in afternoon, it is OK to connect illume dispense with, arrived towards evening, the small orange lamp that sways on the dot, much the tender peaceful of a the wording and purpose of what one writes glacial a heart; Use napkin replaces paper towel, with evergreen floral leaf makes Xi Ka; The beautiful door that builds by the fruit, table that forms by the fruit is beautiful, wedding has not ended, the fruit is enjoyed to danger by guest, not wasteful; A greenery is placed on table, guest people the home still can be brought back when be being faced, avoided the waste of a large number of flowers already, in can letting a guest come home the happy mood area that enters wedding again.

So, how much should hold wedding of such a green to be cost after all? The author sought advice from on Shanghai many marriage to celebrate a company, the personage inside course of study expresses, resemble Shang Ming and Luo Yi such " extremely brief green is bridal " expenditure only the half of general wedding, "Big " the green of a bit is bridal, the lawn that holds in the hotel for instance is bridal, expenditure also is in intermediate and bridal left and right sides, rise as prices bring the raise on bridal price, green wedding advantage will be clearer and clearer.

"Those who choose this kind of wedding is much for the 80 youths after, they are right environmental protection concept very self-identity, hope oneself bridal other category is sent again at the same time, leave deep impression to the person, be not just choose environmental protection wedding for be economical. As environmental protection concept gain ground, the youth that will one this year choose environmental protection wedding is apparent grow in quantity. " senior marriage celebrates gentleman of originality division the Kingdom of Wei to express.

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