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Ning Bo held 08 fashionable marriage to celebrate in October exhibit recommend m
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As the Olympic Games year be about to ring down the curtain, whether to register conjugal number to meet fall after a rise? 2009, does Ning Bo's marriage celebrate the market to will move toward He Fang again?

On August 14 morning, marriage of vogue of 2008 peace wave is celebrated exhibit (abbreviation marriage is celebrated exhibit) recommend meeting in Xin Jing big public house is held. Classics of peaceful wave city appoint Zhou Xueming of secretary-general of organizing committee of the vice director, conference that take gain, marriage of peaceful wave city celebrates guild standing vice-chairman Zhu Kangwen attends the meeting, the meeting that take gain is carried out undertake Yang Jie of president of limited company of exhibition of conference of Hua Bo of unit peaceful wave moderates, day lake marriage is celebrated square, 10 lis red makeup marriage is celebrated, leaf marriage is celebrated, marriage of golden predestined relationship is celebrated, the flower is married marriage of reason of love of happy shop, for a long time is celebrated wait for Ning Bo marriage to celebrate an industry controller of many 60 company and Ning Bo TV station, broadcasting station, Ning Bo, estate of focal peaceful wave direct seeding of network spot whole journey.

From recommend the know on the meeting, take dozenth an east wind of exposition of dress of dress of peaceful wave international, in October the 23 2008 peace that in Ning Bo to 26 days the international exhibition center holds wave fashionable marriage is celebrated exhibit will make full use of advantage condition, innovation activity carrier, promote development of estate of originality of peaceful wave vogue.

One, build in the round marriage celebrate industrial catenary, aid the wave that promote peace to take the route with can fashionable rich.

Current marriage is celebrated exhibit classics of You Ningbo city appoint marriage of support, Ning Bo celebrates guild assist do, association of sale of market of He Ningbo city carries out limited company of exhibition of conference of Ningbo China rich undertake. With " fashionable bride, he Meisheng is vivid " give priority to a problem, enable peaceful wave international exhibition center 7, 8 houses, set exhibit 800, show an area 17 thousand square metre, exhibition content is covered marriage celebrate things, marriage to celebrate service, marriage to celebrate the marriage such as things of building of gift, shadow, luxury to celebrate industrial catenary 5 old series, will realize comprehensive conformity, optimize configuration marriage to celebrate market resource, make peaceful wave marriage celebrate industrial catenary.

Occupy statistical number to show, through development of 10 years, current, the urban district is engaged in marriage the enterprise that celebrates an industry and individual and industrial and commercial door already had many 100, from personnel of course of study thousands of person. Regard a new rising sun as the industry, as consumption upgrade, marriage is photography of gauze of the marriage gauze formal attire that celebrates consumptive market, marriage, bridal the development of the industry such as headgear of banquet of service, marriage, gem is mature with each passing day also, if the other industry that consumes with newly-married is home appliance, furniture, bedding, indoor decorate, the 40 many associated industries such as insurance of estate, car, bank, the marriage that forms your person to fix eyes upon stage by stage celebrates industrial catenary, was full of tremendous and potential business chance.
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