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Henan: Marriage celebrate 315 to show Henan, new personality is complained have
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From Henan province marriage celebrates association know, to strengthen marriage celebrate market regulation plasticity, this association " Henan province marriage is celebrated complain accept central marriage to celebrate 315 " , " marriage Qing Zhong cuts workstation into parts " held water recently. Henceforth, if new people is encountered marriage celebrate dispute, it is OK to had the place of appeal. In the meantime, since September 1, new personality can obtain riddance to expend by the marriage certificate " bridal celebration serves a contract " , protect oneself legitimate rights and interests for the basis with this.

It is reported, customer can come to complain already, also can complain on the net, if evidential authentic will be OK,end in a week inline processing.

3 when announce yesterday complain a phone to be respectively:

Additional, by the province disappear of industrial and commercial bureau, province assist celebrate a service with province marriage trade association is made jointly and of supervise the manufacture of " Henan saves bridal celebration to serve a contract " come on stage formally already and print finish. This contract covered bridal plan, wedding to chair, photography is photographed picture, later period is made, setting is decorated, marriage car uses the detail that waits for surface of concerned wedding square field, the responsibility that celebrates a company to new personality and marriage differentiates very clearly.

Henan province marriage celebrates an industry to complain accept a center to complain a phone 0371 - 66398315

Society of Henan province consumer complains a phone 0371 - 65719315

Zhengzhou arbitrates committee contract center refers a telephone call 0371 - 66118338