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Does Olympic Games champion want to do some of what?
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In report became new network on August 25 bird's nest in the sky auspicious cloud fireworks still stays in brain, still be enmeshed when the intense contend of Olympic Games arena and touching instant in people, although have too much do not abandon, the big screen of Beijing Olympic Games has fallen is changeless fact. Their starlight is glaring on competition ground, champion of every world below field is the Everyman of vivid, come out the aureola of champion, do they want to some of what business do most?

   Champion of Beijing Olympic Games thinks one of 9 things that do most: Marry

"Romantic " peremptory those who became Beijing Olympic Games is thematic. Since opening contest, be being performed ceaselessly on competition ground or make a person touch, or call a person to admire admired love story. Life important matter also becomes the Olympic Games champion of a lot of debus battle armour to think the thing that do most.

"Yang Yun, I think you! " how much does the confess that millions upon millions televiewer faces then after Yang Wei gains the championship 14 days make crazy male complain female touch for it. He announces to media of all China and foreign countries after leading male group to gain the championship: "After Beijing Olympic Games, the major issue that I should handle holds wedding namely, this is the largest issue in my life. In my heart, marrying Yang Yun is more important than gold. Marrying Yang Yun is more important than gold..

Romance still is being performed, carry off after champion of Olympic Games of man admire sword, the marriage gauze of article of fierce an administrative unit in Xizang illuminates Zhong Man and fiancee to be instantly on the network exposure, they decide to held wedding on September 19 already, and that gold that creates Chinese fencing history, become undoubtedly give the gift with best fiancee.

Before Beijing Olympic Games, feather altar " one elder brother " Lin Dan gives off character of a person of extraordinary powers, seize gold namely wive. And Beijing abstruse one Jin Yiyin, can be pretty good newly-married gift. Obtain the Guo brilliant that prospective farther-in-law Huo Zhenting awards prize personally, although claim to won't retire, but all sorts of evidence make clear, this diving empress is married Huo Jiayi is " final " .

And groups the Holand on closure is small in public the spot proposes, below the blessing of everybody, two Holand athlete decides to marry more let a person touch.

  Champion of Beijing Olympic Games thinks 9 things that do most: Accuse comfort family member

ForSports, for the Olympic Games, have how many athlete " cast small home to be everybody " . Have the one split second in the success only, they just " selfish " the close kin that the ground remembers him comes the person of love.
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