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Beautiful Feierpusibushen should remove settle on of the first daughter soubrett
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On August 25 electric United States " round-the-world " the magazine explodes a newest and breathtaking message, united States of 23 years old " flying fish " Feierpusi seizes 8 gold in the brave on the Olympic Games, let him become the United States the hottest diamond king is at present old 5, the daughter that has not marry even American president Bush, Barbara of 26 years old is medium also Feierpusi. Inside personage discloses, although Feierpusibibabala is small 3 years old, but the son that Bush invites a such real United States heroes very gladly however to do his.

In occupying Taiwan, wide news network reports, be in early before the Olympic Games begins this year, barbara often mentions Feierpusi with friends, preterhuman to his swim ability admires so that extremely admire, believe he can carry off certainly card of much gold nugget. And with a lot of United States girls, barbara also thinks Feierpusi is a brilliant and charming super handsome young man, the Bai Ma in regarding him as mental view is princely.

After knowing a daughter to choose Feierpusi to make the news of male friend of purpose when Bushende, agree willingly not only, and express him also very value Feierpusi.

Come true to let daughter fond dream, bush becomes a soubrette for Barbara personally even, taking her to watch Feierpusi's game together, borrow machine general daughter and Feierpusi to be matched together thereby.

Inside personage points out, august 10, past water is cubic before fatigue pulls Bush and wife to taking daughter Barbara one case Yo house, watch the man that Feierpusi comes on the stage final of 400 meters of Composite. During watching the game, barbara expression is very dedicated. After gaining the championship when Feierpusi, she and cloth assorted stand up to cheer loudly together, be indifferent ground brandish is worn American ensign.

Disclose according to inside personage, the match just ended, bush is congratulated actively to Feierpusi, introduced a daughter to give him incidentally. According to divulging, carry off on Beijing Olympic Games when Feierpusi after 8 gold, bush can'ts restrain happy mood, invite him to head for the White House to sojourn next month again. And put forward, feierpusi is during be a guest of the White House, rangbabala whole journey is accompanied.

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