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Liu Xiang retreats contest to astonish the whole audience cry loudly on Sun Jiao
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Liu Xiang: Retreat contest to astonish the whole audience

Last noon 11:40, in the call out sound of audience insanity, liu Xiang came on stage. A little strange is, ferial the expression of those li of make public and piquant petty action did not see sign, the enthusiasm that faces the audience on field cries out, he lifted the dress to cover the face for a time.

Be in when Liu Xiang on track when warm up, the person that has some of motion common sense a little has guessed finish fruit ……

Liu Xiang was trying to run two paces, crouch then, press forcibly pressing right leg to follow tendon. Subsequently, he straddled two fence again, facial ministry expression is very painful, took starting point lamely. Wearing the Liu Xiang of revolutionary war gown to go up start of a race implement, big screen of ” of “ bird's nest appeared his close-up, attentive audience can discover, right ankle of Liu Xiang is trembling slightly ……

11:50, starting gun is noisy, ” of whole “ bird's nest boiled …… somebody is grabbed run, players return dot of start of a race afresh, only Liu Xiang rips the number card that went be being stuck on the leg, backward go, leave an audience alone and the back of desolate.

Spot airy ases if caky, ensign of ground of the brandish in audience hand, banner, small horn stops in in the air. ” of right now “ bird's nest has a voice only: Ah? !

   Sun Haiping: Cry loudly on the news briefing

All media know, from the Liu Xiang that athlete entrance exeunts, go out impossibly to mix now cover an area, but reporters still are surrounded awaiting here. After 5 minutes, mix the announcement comes before interviewing an area to have a volunteer, news releases hall to will hold the press conference that cancels contest about Liu Xiang very quickly, everybody runs quickly to rapidly release hall. 12:25, the press conference begins, all seat numbers are worn went up camera, the media that arrives after 12:15 can stand outside releasing hall only, all footpath are crouching a reporter. The Sun Haiping on rostrum is low from beginning to end head, complexion dignified.

A middleaged female reporter asked: What is the first word that “ Liu Xiang comes down to say with you? You what mood is now? ” at this moment, sun Haiping does not dominate his sentiment, cry loudly rise. After 30 minutes, compere ended a news briefing hurriedly, a flock of reporters surround the Sun Haiping on the stage, dan Sunhai is smooth be in from beginning to end shake one's head, weep ……

  Audience: We wait for you to come back

Leave “ bird's nest ” when Liu Xiang greatly back, the audience pop on bleachers the eye stands over, believe without the person this is true. Calculate spot broadcast to had broadcasted the message that signed up for Liu Xiang to quit game, but audience people still be in look around to athlete entrance ceaselessly, hope Liu Xiang can come back.
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