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Thoughout the history try marriage custom
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The ancients cannot leave " parental life, the character of intermediary Shuo " tie, having a variety of regulation and system, but the in some way compares modern society actually more open. On the age issue of marriage of male and female, ancient time is having strict regulation, zhou Dai sets man marriage is 20 to 30 years old, the woman is 15 to 20 years old. In " Chinese ink child · husband piece " in say, in former days holy king says for the law: "The husband year 20 Wu Gan does not manage the home, woman 15 Wu Gan not thing person. " if arrived to set the age,do not marry, want to marry compulsively.

The means of compulsive marriage makes ancient time " meeting marriage " , " Zhou Li " have talk: "Palm 10 thousand civilian sentence... your male 30 and marry, female 20 and marry, administer of the person that violate 10 thousand civilian the intermediary family name of marriage people be about to be carried out compulsively. " " family name of intermediary of · of official of ground of week ceremony · " return account: "In Chun Zhiyue, your meeting men and women. Then when also, the person that run quickly can'ts help. Be like the person that without reason need not make, those who punish. The person do not have husband home of department men and women and of the meeting. " marriage of male and female is loved, file of official make known to lower levels sets: Annual spring in March, for the day of sacred the god of the land and the god of the grain-the state, the freedom of schoolgirl of young man student that does not have sexual spouse interacts, "Go straight towards excessive to be able to 't help " , the person that violate still punishs.

If be borne more,still can have money reward, " mandarin · is jumped over language " on carry the hill that meeting check resides after king Gou Jianbing is defeated more, undergo self-imposed hardships so as to strengthen one's resolve to do sth, desire shame of fast newspaper Wu Xue, but " your strong person without take an old woman, your old man is not had take strong wife. Woman seventeen do not marry, its parents is guilty; The husband is not married, its parents be punished " . Bear more to encourage, return a regulation at that time: Lay the husband, 2 crock wine, one dog; Give birth to a woman, two crock wine, one pig. Lay 3 people, fair with the mother; Lay 2 people, fair to it Xi.

Why the ruler at that time is fond of so do a soubrette, is such actively advocated and encourage much marriage much Yo? Much marriage much Yo, can add able-bodied person, accelerate the development of productivity, still can complement sources of soldiers, minitary force is strong, just can conquer other countries, make him actual strength more abundant.

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