Suggest to these 10 words see before the girl marries a person
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1. is not afraid of marry old, be afraid of marry small.

If your male friend has only twenties or ten years old, you can break a body, but cannot marry. The man is controlled 33 years old is a pretty good age.

2. Marry those who there is money or do not have money?

Marry those who be willing to spend money for you!

3. Is the man of the divorce married do not marry?

The man that divorces is a treasure, the man that divorces twice is a grass.

4. Marry career is still a family model?

General and character: Family.

5. The person of what disposition to marry?

Marrying what the person marries is disposition, all other metropolises leave you far, the disposition with similar disposition complementary be in easy circumstances.

6. Does the otherwise that marry a person want astrological ask predict?

Should! Had better look for a person to ask a palm photograph, face posture and character 8. If you are not done, that should understand his blood type and constellation deep at least. Somebody is in charge of this to call " superstition " , but this thing of " superstition " is very magical.

7. What kind of man is big fear? What kind of man is big kind?

Selfish man is big fear, the man of responsible feeling is big kind.

8. Is the man that northward man still is south very good?

Marry northwardly northward, marry southernly southern.

9. Is the man of beautiful heart married do not marry?

The man is much make an animal occasionally, not not " beautiful heart " man, but have " have contain power " man.

10. The door wants to become, door want to be opposite.

Actually this one word all wraparound. The word of ancestor is succinct and incisive. Ah, young when not sensible, becoming aware this is gab. Want to come now this is old ancestor experience has to let, those who say is really reasonable. Ancestor is fierce still. We am the clarity that looks more greatly more! Good thing, ah, the environment trains a person! The door is undeserved, door incorrect, nature also is not one passerby.

It is very important to still have very important: Marry a learned or those who what knowledge there is?
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