To the woman, a kind of consideration makes the movie
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Send word: Woman, should rely on to fool. The world does not have that one woman is not to need to be fooled, do not need to be shown loving care for. Actually, what the woman wants occasionally is very few, perhaps be an a bowl of a cup of so little water, a thick soup, eyes, mere perhaps only you can accompany her look so a film. . . . . .

   " marry 7 years " Theme: Bisexual topic topic: Marriage needs to manage

Bisexual topic is the commonnest an expression theme in woman motion picture, be in especially modern society, face more and more temptation, marriage also is facing more challenges, with " Chinese type divorces " the teleplay photograph that waits for topic of numerous expression couple is compared, because the film gets commercial wave in recent years impact is bigger, the film that bisexual topic behaves on real significance is not much. " marry 7 years " during choosing to be in 38, show, also can saying is a space that gripped film market.

In film, like a lot of people in the life, imperceptible in Guo Yi quick and Yu Jiang encountered Xiang of 7 years, below the action of busy job and ceaseless dinner party, two people feeling is weaker and weaker. Marriage also is a cropland, apply how many fertilizer, get how many results.

   " inherent a pair " Theme: Female health topic: Pay close attention to female health

Lacteal cancer, the man won't be gotten commonly, what the man experiences it very hard also is painful. Film " inherent a pair " , after the manager of ad firm client that Yang Qian acts knows he contracted lacteal cancer, mentally has very big wave motion, for the following life, she takes Chinese traditional medicine, see highly skilled doctor, try to protect oneself breast, actually she so doing is for the man's eye, and when the V young that acts when Ren Xianqi expresses him and be being paid no attention to, she became cut operation. In modern society, the pressure that woman place assumes does not compare the man certainly small, so female people caresses his body should morely, and male people also should more make allowances for a woman.

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