The man yearns for the thing that the wife knows most most
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Live in each person on this world, hope the family is love happiness, happy, but love happiness or domestic happiness, do not rely on to want to be able to come true merely. Important is how to be done, go going after. After marrying, can the wife that the husband yearns for most understand what to reach the thing that makes allowances for oneself to have? Expert of American marriage family passes investigation and study, the mentation after putting forward male marriage and experience, offer wife reference: [Jilin marriage celebrates a net]

One, when the man works desperately, the wife does not consider as disregard the home.

alleged " the person is in all corners of the country, cannot help doing sth " . Rise duty raises, need to give very great effort for certain. Company benefit is good, business is busy, dinner party nature also is met much. In man frame of mind, the job and career are the most important one link, this also is the important way that they establish individual figure and value, is to fend not just. The husband hopes the wife forgives his excessive investment to the job, and because work,often do not blame him or desolate with the dinner party that the job concerns oneself.

2, either not be willing to part with or use spends money for the wife, just hope the wife values his opinion.

Gold is right for the man, besides can provide stable, rich life, also be influence is indicative. The wife that is oneself spends money, it is the thing of perfectly justified. But, when spending big expense to buy a few jewel to taste, the man thinks this is the thing that should be decided by two people. Accordingly, buy relatively when jewel is tasted, most husband hopes wife what one is particularly good at discusses with him first, respect his opinion.

3, before preventing oneself and marriage " a gang of scoundries " contact.

Like to follow the friend before marriage to continue to interact after all male marriage almost, the husband does not want to let a wife restrict him overly to followSame sexThe friend's contact. Weigh the man of personal loyalty quite especially, intercourse is wider, the friend of all trades and professions has. The man after marriage, besides the wife, still need a friend.
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