The wife makes 6 when decide the husband optimal hour
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To beloved person expressive love is the man's right not merely, as the woman, you also can be done very beautifully. Holding inning nevertheless just is the most important. If " appear " not quite seasonable, be afraid is white wasteful feeling; If " rate giving looking glass " too tall, let him see be used to again not Jing. When adopting active, this should rely on clever your adapt oneself to changing circumstances. [Jilin marriage celebrates a net]

1, when him " injudicious " when

Chinese unripe facing a major choice: Towards the left goes, official career unobstructed, endure in about a year again, guan Zhizheng is in; Go right, friend call joins in, sheet carries one section deputy always, yearly salary and risk are coequal tall. Go leaving face difficult choice, accept or reject spellbound. Xie Zhi looks at the husband to embarrass, not was him however " show state power " , she showed the greatest to the husband faith and understanding with calm normal, she should let the husband feel, "Choose " a kind of form that itself lives namely. This day very late, chinese unripe sleep to be not worn, rise to smoke to the balcony. Xie Zhi sends tea to wrap around for him the garment, chinese unripe ask: "If be an official, possible lacking in initiative and overcautious lacks vigor; If be in business, the likelihood is defeated by pauper.

This different, do you want which? " Xie Zhi says: "Dry what is not important, important is your oneself. Anyway, I support you. " after getting up the following day, there is Xie Zhi together with milk, biscuit on discovery early table leave a message: The first, think good one side more. The 2nd, learn to abandon. Chinese unripe final go into business, two years of epigenesis the vanward character of domain of environmental protection building materials. But the heart that he is nodded to change by Xie Zhi is being written down from beginning to end, when he is in the crossroad of life, it is the wife is twisted for him shined travel and stopping traffic light.

Comment on: In the man the be in a dilemma of amphibolous, hesitate, be in a dilemma during, feminine encourage has the effect of 39 batches of hoisting jack. Actually Chinese unripe subconscious in the decision that already had oneself, but he needs to relapse, suspicion will seek testimony its are correct, and those who get wife leaf Zhi teach, was to give his force to dial undoubtedly 1000 your magnified energy.
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