When is the man frustrated how should you help up?
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What is what need most when is the man frustrated? The female sister that there is love in believing each heart wants to know the answer. Na Ying says rightly, when the man is frustrated, also be the crisis hour of love and marriage. So processing is bad, ending also is met very different. When your man is frustrated, how should do? [Jilin marriage celebrates a net]

 An added ingredient

Attend classmate party, I discover surprisingly, male fellow student feels generally very grave than female classmate vicissitudes of life, especially those marries well female fellow students, each is radiant, more youthful than becoming Chun Zhengmao when even glorious is moving.

Male fellow student says, if have a future life, I would rather choose to do a wife. The word that did not think of him draws numerous male to assentation actually. The day knows, these schoolboys, when reading how be ever flourish with his sexual distinction...

I recall male friend, when he encounters the trouble on the job, like a person to sitting silently, whats do not say. And every time at this moment, I often still feel wronged and act rashly say he is an enigma, do not have appeal, cannot fool me happy. When he is again vexed later, like to make on 35 bosom friends, go out to drink, returned to calm the following day.

After the classmate meets, experienced me the man is not easy to mention his job with male friend for the first time. I ask him, what can you do when troubling? His the first reaction is open-eyed: Are you also known care me? He tells me later, encounter not happy thing to want to say with me every time actually, but be afraid that I disrelish him to chatter again, be forced to look for diehard followers, male people is together, no more than is to drink, card games...

"That, had done bad thing? " I ask him.

See I ask sincerely, he says frankly, when the man lives too tiredly, spirit is easy and lax, can want to try very repellent before thing really. Although he goes up to never betray me in feeling and body, but had wanted to part company with me however look for a considerate girl again.

My silent. Changed previously, I may feel this man is really mean, carrying me on the back to think of to part company unexpectedly. Can listen to feel only now feel sad, do not see a man each outside control the forces of nature, sufferred blow really, they also long to have a warm bosom.
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