22 things of notice of feminine happiness life
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What is happiness? Everybody has different result. Happiness is good intention affection, happiness is to have a lot of intimates, happiness is the sort of for the target in the heart process that goes all out in work hard, happiness is to be able to follow beloved person to enjoy that together the portion is halcyon with satisfied, happiness is a kind of special air... give happily alive namely wonderful oneself! Want to do a happy wife, learn the following business please:

1. If your parents is not love ill will deficient rich, and because of bearing strong mechanical resistance stops Tan Lian loves you and someone, must not prove to want they are faults, do his best with respect to Pan he comes since love, what you can discover you suffer is far compare in envisaging much, and a bit can when harvest, years had not remained any spaces to be able to repent. You proved nevertheless, that person looks than them those who get is even a lot of soddener. [Jilin marriage celebrates a net]

2. If a man is handing in past to had started to talk to lend money with you, you are rate of one Taichun award is very high nevertheless in his eye take part child tiger, or the automat of a short circuit.

3. You like the man of cruel, mean regular in the future meeting to give big question, his meeting cruel arrives be disinclined to manage you.

4. His anyhow should know he wants what to say, otherwise, if you like silent and strong man all along, meet force very easily mad. Like silent and not strong man, suffer from melancholia easily.

5. Discover roadside air gives parking space suddenly in city, can want car of your horse fluctuation to take a car wait for him to circle the man that comes over to stop, won't regard you as baby will be very fond of. Day, get off the wife that takes parking space is too common really; Careful, on a lot of things he becomes you only pretext.

6. Because covet is free,do not want bearer, and look for a man to shop.

7. Do not continue to upset the man in anger, the reptile that they can resemble providing aggressiveness kind. Although you say is right, the man of urgent furious make a psychological attack won't think he is wrong.

8. If he has self-abased feeling, although you are intended those who conceal oneself is outstanding, also cannot promote his self-esteem.
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