What kind of wife is current man fed up with?
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The fashionable woman midstream of Nanjing is passing " standard of husband station institution " . For a short while, about " husband and wife concerns " if inscribed at one's leisure of married men and women " click " focus. Let us see husband put forward to us now at 10 o'clock opinion! [Jilin marriage celebrates a net]

  Opinion one: Force the husband becomes dragon

Dawn is northward the doctoral graduate student of an university, in school struggle hard after a semester, he ground of too impatient to wait is driven toward the home, the hope returns charming wife as soon as possible beside, enjoy a sweet and relaxed period of leave. Who knows small two had not talked about on two, the wife rose to his be good at teaching. She says before dawn ceaselessly, such-and-such husband not long ago obtained sum scholarship of the United States; Such-and-such husband had done rich to guide; Such-and-such husband reads MBA to return from abroad, be being contended for by a few foreign enterprises should, yearly salary is as high as 80 thousand dollar to wait a moment. To do not lag behind at " such-and-such " husband, dawn from come home to begin to immerse oneself in mug that evening, the gate does not go out, 2 are not stridden. Want formerly to dare not come true like good all and off plan. Before holiday ends, dawn says helplessly: "Although I was to have,see the future that seems light, but the bateau that myself feels to resemble channel of deviate of the one leaf in the sea however, cannot find lee harbour. " [Jilin marriage celebrates a net]

  The expert comments on: Very apparent, the woman that has this kind of idea often has very strong vanity, alleged " husband Rong Qigui " ; In addition, they have toward contact very strong depend on psychology, alleged " only the cane pesters a tree, which have a tree to pester a cane " . To satisfy their vanity and dependence, they not hesitate to bring to bear on to the husband all sorts of pressure. Of course, encourage the husband to go all out to become strong and do not have a fault, but, if not according to actual condition, production pressure, may be just the opposite to what one wished. A word: The woman that forces the husband becomes dragon is too foolish.
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