What men see after the marriage before marriage is big " suddenly turn hostile "
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About talking

When love, one character is to the woman if the man says 9 vessels; After marrying, one character is if the wife says to the man 9 " very " . [Jilin marriage celebrates a net]

About the belle

When love, man look look is worn electrical wiring pole, however " unfortunate " bump to beautiful MM body; After marrying, man look look is worn on beautiful MM body, however " lucky " ground dash against electrical wiring pole.

About time

When love, the man resembles piece on sufficient the watch of clockwork spring, keep turning round the woman; After marrying, the woman resembles desk clock, round man every other one hour bumps proper should ring. [Jilin marriage celebrates a net]

About advertisement

When love, the woman resembles a advertisement, hour accost is worn the man's desire to buy; After marrying, the woman became " product " , at this moment what male qualified personnel discovers to in doing not have advertisement so, say is so good.

About skyline

When love, man and woman are skyline is like near neighbour; After marrying, man and woman however near neighbour is like skyline.

About washing a sock [Jilin marriage celebrates a net]

When love, MM comes in my dormitory, just wanted to sit down, abrupt and pursy brows, smell smell nose, look about, hide me in two pairs of socks below the bed and a few dresses that cross ten days to be dragged eventually, take away a side finally I had been washed.

After marrying, I am being forced the smelly sock oneself is washed clean, help wife clear away the dress that threw one bed even.

About bad language

When love, her female teacher attends class rectify them, she is scolded when appointment, "Carline, be abnormal! " next oneself very feel embarrassed ground cover mouth laughs.

After marrying, was said a few by the boss, be indignant coming home, tongue-lash: "What bird person! It is sexual depression for certain! " listen I am agape. [Jilin marriage celebrates a net]

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