Let a man want to marry 10 kinds of wife that come home most
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What does the woman that the man loves to them have to expect? Figure, appearance, ability, extraction, individual character? Likely perhaps. But should be in reality, seek a market all sorts of advantages come out at the perfect wife of a suit, have a place rather too too absurd. From of old, the good wife in the man's dream is can " go out so that front courtyard hall enters to get a kitchen " outside alleged show intelligent medium woman is a standard. So in contemporary man eye, hope the woman that becomes him wife is what kind of most? [Jilin marriage celebrates a net]

1, she is best forever elegant and moving

No matter be friend party or your New Year evening party, her garment is acted the role of need not offend an eye, but the bottom line is not to let you be before everybody lose face. Act on inside and outside to hold repaired principle concurrently, she had better be answered decent, cultured, have experience, have grade. Besides, had white hair to want to be caught in time. Do not make oneself fat reduce weight to irremediable again. Do not use wash old cheap the cashmere coat that underwear goes to matching line to get on 1000 yuan. With do not beg when you are affectionate coquettish, but beg neat -- beg you, the underwear that does not let me see you bursts line or briefs cut a hole. [Jilin marriage celebrates a net]

2, take sexual love seriously

She is not the woman with excessive sexual love, but also do not arrive to should not return sexual love of husband and wife calmly thing. She has healthy sexual idea, know a winner to move, can communicate the feeling to sexual love with your openness.

3, take domestic atmosphere seriously

Outside crying every day, sell. Meet a few from the expert dish that learns to come over there mom, eat meal is done for you when the job noes hurry, it is not important to have candle power. Know needlework slightly, your button was dropped, she can be seamed very quickly on. Have love. Mother milk feed holds to after the child is born, do not fear shape go out of form.

4, the habit that nurturance reads

Mostly read-only and common or the woman after marriage is fashionable magazine, this is very normal. Unluckily some of man can have some of romantic complex, like poetic book article, hope oneself spouse also has this elegant good. Reading is meddlesome, reading of course is not for keep up appearance. Read let her avoid the fault at ignorance, let her have more collective topics with you, the temperament that still can let her gets promotion. As a whole, still be one kind has fun, have get one's own back pay.
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