Is the woman who makes you not happy?
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If ask a woman, be who makes you not happy? Most woman can reply: It is a man! However, often say the woman of this kind of word, although left a man, they also won't happy. [Jilin marriage celebrates a net]

 Unfortunate blessing of the woman results from the habit of reap where one has not sown

Most woman can ascribe her joyless reason to of the destiny unjust with the man " degenerate " . "It is the love dream that the man destroyed me, it is the happiness that the destiny snatched me, along with I am only youth and fine-looking! " such complaint as one falls, as if the pronoun that the woman is misfortune, feminine happiness also became a man bestow and the fun of the destiny.

However, almost every woman has love dream: Before the flowers and below the moon poetics, the support outside the dream in the dream, what birdie depends on a person is melting, hold the pride in control in both hands; That is the romance before marriage not only, still get the habit that is marriage hind; That is the beautiful scenery in love not only, still must be the brightness in years; Have more very person, experienced " money worship " edification, the woman is outside peculiar romance much a real need: Honey-tongued admittedly good, car of best nothing is more... than increases the material benefit of foreign room; Jade of bright and beautiful garment is fed dizzy admittedly, most the Pan Shenghe of bank deposit of bewildered nothing is more... than is permanent. No matter the woman loves not to love to listen, actually, the love dream that this is a lot of women -- to oneself exorbitant is in love with, those who add money and substance is lubricant; The habit of reap where one has not sown, the control that imposes pair of men and have. [Jilin marriage celebrates a net]

  Unfortunate blessing of the woman is resulted from too go after too " perfect "

The love dream that cannot say these women is completely incorrect -- if do not have romantic feelings of the woman, too too rational man this what kind is peripheral; Be like those who do not have a woman " material sinks into " , be in order to struggle oneself the glory that how should the man that allow reflect ego? However, all favours have sense of property in it very much very much, once surmounted due measure, again good moral character also can make a person asphyxial; Again powerful love also can let a person do not have blessing bear. Perhaps this is the conflict of bisexual relation, also be the germ of feminine misfortune and the cause that she subdues.
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