7 when talk about money with the man " no-no "
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Strategy and man

Everybody says, the person that loves each other truly not account, why can be we this times, is money the cause that causes 1/3 sweethearts to part company? [Jilin marriage celebrates a net]

Mistake 1: Do not talk

"I and Xiao Ke live together 6 months, money is no-no topic to us. We buy our thing severally, shop when us together when having a meal, draws out a purse to pay Zhang with respect to who first... the house that we stay in is his parents, also do not have the problem of chummage so. I think so very good, discuss money, be equal to the love that polluted us. " -- , Suo Na, 26 years old

Why is this a fault? Once period of be passionately in love is spent, sweethearts people without can avoid the ground to encounter real problem, account begins in their heart in those days. If among them one party often forgets to pay Zhang actively, other one party perhaps reminds him, bear silently perhaps, but can have a day when erupt after all, brawl is inevitable.

Best settlement method: Begin to perplex in monetary issue dailyThe lifeIt is talked about explicitly before, make clear each expenditure how do two people pay. Think to prevent occurrence one party oneself pay Zhang more circumstances, two people establish a joint account, pay daily expense with the money in this account. Should sit together to calculate every months above all roughly maintenance, this number is saved in joint account can. [Jilin marriage celebrates a net]

 Mistake 2: Income is different, but execute AA to make

"I and Bai Feng live more than two years together. We are the youths that have contemporary idea, made clear the principle that AA makes since the first day of association. Our income differs almost 3 times, but the principle that AA makes is to be in what place at the beginning. I know he put a few money, but I do not have the saving almost. " -- , Mei Mei, 25 years old

Why is this a fault? Because even if fair AA makes a principle, be borne harder and harder however by the one party place with little income. Its are as a result resentment was accumulated in the heart.

Best settlement method: Between the sweethearts that there is difference in income, optimal program is the scale that will assume daily expense certainly according to the scale of income, such everybody can put a few money, buy the thing that oneself like, also can be without ill feeling the ground buys a gift to the other side. Undoubted, this ability is the fairest principle. [Jilin marriage celebrates a net]
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