The woman is about to make a person enchanted
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What kind of woman most make you enchanted? I think the answer has 100 thousand, different person always has different idea, different age level has different feeling, everybody's bottom of the heart has in a word oneself for it enchanted reason. [Jilin marriage celebrates a net]

The woman is about to make a person enchanted (graph)

  The green girl with red-blooded ●

Pure and fresh but person, theirHealthyPure beauty, their elegant fly upwards, their smiling face is filled with, can let us become really interested. In our eye, they resemble the flower that Na Jiaoyan is about to drip, aromatic and attractive, in their sweet smile, feel the happiness of the life, in feeling the bounty like sunshine flourishingly spark. [Jilin marriage celebrates a net]

  The young married woman of ● charming soft charm

In experienceMarriageafter harden oneself still beautiful and moving, what they form gradually after marriage is mature, more the charm that reflection gives a kind of different common, such glamour, what let our very much person be again is enchanted. As years elapse, they are known how to manage their beauty more, the beauty that invites oneself never fades: They begin to pay attention to the accomplishment to oneself, begin to know the value of immanent beauty, begin to become Wen Wan but person, allow authority appreciate the beauty of her extraordinary. [Jilin marriage celebrates a net]

  The middleaged female that ● has been through the vicissitudes of life

They most make a person enchanted, should be the sort of opposite work after they have been through the vicissitudes of life is sturdy and hopeful. Perhaps they no longer young, once passed the wind erosion of years like beautiful appearance, already engrave deep moulage, did not have bedlamite graceful, no longer so delicate like water, can say to dry up even withered, but after the go through the mill that passed the life, they lose heart no longer flimsily no longer, more self-confidence that are opposite work, they still happy, still be full of spark, sturdy oneself pace straight, in our heart, she is Na Duo's most delicate and charming flower forever, with the character charm that she has alone, batch move us each the individual's heart. [Jilin marriage celebrates a net]
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