Is single female function denied through test-tube bear?
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Since executing family planning, I saved accumulative total to lay nearly 40 million person less, this number is technology of support contraceptive birth control greatly is perfect will come true. Yesterday, province population family planning appoint be a guest of vice director Liu Yinyan " civilian tone hot line " , solved ill incomplete of service of technology of Guangdong family planning, family planning in detail the concerned problem such as appraisal.

Single woman can bear a child through marrying only

"I 40 years old maiden, want a child, can you pass test-tube give birth to a child? " the citizen seeks advice in the report in the hot line whether become a single mother through this kind of way. To this, liu Yinyan expresses clearly, not legitimate Yo breaks the law. The explanation says Liu Yinyan, test-tube art is technology of a kind of auxiliary reproduction, spread out in the light of the married couple that has birth difficulty. To single woman, it is not to allow to adopt child of a future life of this kind of technology. Ministry of Public Health has specific provision, not legitimate Yo breaks the law, if single woman wants the child, can adopt conjugal approach only, bear a child jointly with the husband.

I save a country to bear policy to do not have a change

"2 embryoes " the focus that policy also is citizen attention. Province population family planning appoint explanation of news spokesman Zhong Qingcai says, I am saved since 1998 rural birth policy does not have any changes, rural dweller couple bears a children to be the girl only, apply for jointly by both sides of husband and wife, classics villages and towns (street) orgnaization of family planning job is examined and approve, can press interval period regulation to bear the 2nd children. This is in " Guangdong province population and family planning byelaw " the 19th in already had state clearly:  of amine Zha Pao falls  of Cheng of Wu of spruce  of Qiang of act Ъ  is borne a children is the girl only with? by Xun, can press interval period regulation, arrangement bears a children again " .

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