Wait for a few hands that marry a bride to should have been done to prepare (2)
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5, control wedding, reflect responsibility

Wedding is the first homework that you become a good housewife, also be the big inning that you exhibit skill. Go up in bridal preparative work so, cannot turn the job to male friend entirely absolutely, should partake with him appropriately bridal responsibility, for instance you are in charge of what bridal dimensions and ground nod planning, he is in charge of guest inviting work etc. Because have such ability system only,reveal the life responsibility of an accurate wife. Of course, the small calculation ready-made that occasionally perhaps you need to use a girl only does a few Xiaohua to enrol on wedding, add a few festive atmosphere, be over can make husband's family and husband right your regard sb with special respect or new views, might as well try:

One piece is put to leave a message inside invitation card, invite guest to write down the blessing to new personality on card. Put it into the banquet next collect box, the beatific speech of these relatives and friends is recited on marriage banquet, can make spot atmosphere makes a person touch.

Wear with a Xiaoxiang, the double utility that puts the name of guest in an elegant silver-colored look to wear Place Card and souvenir.

Put liquid of a bottle of soap on every pieces of table, good make guest OK use blow a hubble-bubble to be blessed to you. You can be written on hubble-bubble fluid goblet more on you and his name, make this gadgety more interesting.

6, say to him " I believe you "

The part that the woman hopes her man can act 4 kinds to differ -- hero, friend, playmate and lover. The man is same also, hope woman acts different role: Lover, cheering squad, mother, friend is waited a moment. Such really, when the man is striving for individual achievement and value, need somebody is encouraged, let them continue to go ahead. Because affinity can be built not quite between the man, when because this becomes them,encountering obstacle, know somebody is met it is very important that rearward supports them. This is one " cheering squad cummer " the most auspicious place. As the woman, you won't weigh official, obsequious naturally to his bow one's head, but you should stand in him forever this at the same time, the heart that lets him feel you stands in him from beginning to end at the same time. Because the man needs love, need an allied forces as much. If he is in newly-married during discovery is both and OK faultlessly union rises, the feminine warmth ground that looks at oneself says beside him " I believe you " , offer him the warmth of the sort of maternity, he is sure and then happy to. So, an opportune opportune moment is searched to tell him this word before marriage! This is the language that can let a man touch lifetime. Want to know, the man gets the support of heart of a kind of whole body very hard from same sex body, since having a considerate woman, the harbour that had security is OK anchor, more or less be a kind placatory. This also is the main reason of marriage of choice of a lot of men. Newly-married eve is a sensitive period of time, little sparklet makes the life after marriage possibly multicoloured.
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