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The happy marriage that is you becomes a few preliminary subjects! Marrying after all is big thing, like be just like performance composition, wonderful and vivid sinfonia always is can more fascinating, make whole air more rich and perfect!

So, consult " bride " the sinfonia before the opern that has written for you performs this marriage that belongs to you, that will make ground of your have a well-thought-out plan walks into matrimony, pull open the heavy curtain of your happiness marriage.

1, for wife and mother the relation does good warm-up

Thinking wife and mother concerns is only from that daystart that marry, before marriage, it is likewise special and important that for wife and mother the relation does good warm-up.

Warm-up plans the 1st step: The domestic system of male friend of explore Qing Dynasty, find the resource that this family can think you use to be in. If he has brotherly sister, be close to this auspicious resource gradually so, pull them to go shopping, time and they chat a little, talk about confabulate. Want them to be able to be before the mother-in-law only put in a good word for sb you, that nature won't be complex. Want to know, those who do mom is the opinion that pays attention to children very much.

Warm-up plans the 2nd step: A lot of advantage of husband of talk on and on, communicate the feeling of wife and mother that did not come. A lot of brides are very pained, because they cannot be accomplished,communicate freely with the mother-in-law. Actually, the most general language between wife and mother is that man that they give birth to life the Communist Party of China to be the same as. Remember, you can be in glad when the crus that he kicks when the money that spends him in disorder, life, but the fair maiden wind with one sedate clique must maintain before the mother-in-law model, ground of not stint affix praises the advantage of husband a variety of, this is the mother-in-law's happiest hour.

Warm-up plans the 3rd step: Pay a formal visit together with male friend the mother-in-law Yours Excellency. Normally for, before marry, bilateral family should sit together mostly 8 classics ground eats last time of the meal, this also is those who take concern of good wife and mother is important one pace. Want to sit to the side of the mother-in-law first on dining table, be respected to hers and be affably need not say, before her, must behave so that resemble a filial, obedient good daughter; The good daughter-in-law of a future.
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