Fashionable detail allows bridal richer and romantic appeal
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The wedding that has a romantic warmth is each girl as a child dream, white gauze, lawn, flower, beautiful sunshine, close friend people smiling face, so many wonderful setting emerges constantly in brain. Wedding is happy, the romantic and absolutely meeting on detail makes a person lifelong and unforgettable.

Marry invitation sees be used to the bright red invitation of flat Founder, are the invitation of such marriage gauze formal attire and greeting card more interesting?

The candle of the rose is used on wedding again appropriate did not pass, still have tangle holily went up argent the white candle of silken belt

One-time tableware, the optimal choice of outdoors buffet banquet, male guest uses swallowtail series, female guest uses series of powdery bud silk, romantic index zoom

Marry dog of a matron of honour, lovely smile hour is blessing a pair of new personality


The bridegroom bride modelling of lovely vogue, it is very sweet romance