Japanese exchanges check-up book each other before marry
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Be in Japan, without the rigid regulation of pre-marital check-ups, also do not have special marriage check orgnaization so. But Japanese takes checkup seriously very much, people can do check-up every year to the hospital commonly, before so a lot of people marry, also can accept detailed and comprehensive examination self-consciously, regard marriage check as the proof this, give the spouse of newly-married.

Be in Japan, the person with a lot of nice one's previous experience, marry to want to see feeling not only, return the healthy state that can pay attention to be matched for marriage, body. People thinks, both sides knows healthy state each other, it is responsible to health of husband and wife and marital family, 2 will also conduce to both sides deepening understanding, promotional feeling, mutual take care of.

"Before marrying, give the other side actively his check-up proof, proved oneself health already, mean trustful the other side again, be willing entrust is lifelong. " reporter a newly-married before long Japanese friend Hui Zi says, when be passionately in love, the requirement sees check-up prove the conference is big unpleasant, but once determine an impact, both sides goes seeing parents, always be unavoidable to be able to be asked about by old people, it is good to introduce actively still so. According to Introduction Huizi, because do not have special marriage check orgnaization, pre-marital check-ups reachs a hospital commonly or clinic undertakes, the project of the examination is some more than common check-up, the person that the hospital also can be check-up is confidential.

Opposite at the check-up before marriage, japanese takes seriously more check-up is accepted before unripe child. Before major couple decides to give birth to the child, can undertake checking to the hospital, meet according to check-up result give up undesirable habits and customs, adjust body position, treat a disease in time, this also is pair of offspring, responsible to the family expression

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