If accord with this,9 marry rapidly then! (Group plan)
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You each other are the friend with best the other side, do not carry any conditions, like to be together with the other side.

Two people have collective viewpoint of value and concept on the heart, and have to these ideas admit clearly with pursuit.

Can solve together when producing conflict or conflict. is not to wait to just break out later.

Each other are communicated very easily, mutual and OK very open wide the ground honest everything, and concern is suspected by the other side or need not despise.

It is OK to get along each other are droll. Often have mirth. In the life a lot of respects are met wait for with humorous photograph.

Each other understand very much, and admit the other side, you know the other side understands your advantage and weakness, still believe firmly what you are admitted by him.

From understanding you, also be you among the person with the most trustful place, get support and affirming.

Sometimes you can have romantic feeling, but great majority when, your getting along is special contented and comfortable.

You have a special reason, mature society. Your both sides is experienced, on a lot of different levels, you are very suitable.

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