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"Where did lone man go? " date of lone woman Bei.

"My working property comes up against a man not easily. " lone woman complains.

Come up against lone man without what industry more easily actually, be thought by accident by circle alien for instance very the fashionable industry that helps wind, 70% it is a woman, the man looks to go up a bit of the eye is not a homosexual, namely beside the woman must frighten a the dead more

Look be like read a person countless TV compere, besides individual gifted person, concern working relationship change very hard also for the friend, big girl one pile. Major Chinese has domesticity and professional life only, devoid society lives, lack is gregarious. The people 20 years ago basically is depended on date, organization of political parties and other organizations often also acts as the soubrette's part, nowadays these two kinds of means by youth sniff. So where to rely on oneself to you can search again?

1. " soubrette " meal bureau

The friend's friend -- this is most person encounters them the means of lifelong spouse. If you are home remedy only,the face has good opinion to him, but how had not said a word with him, do not feel embarrassed, the friend that invites you immediately helps your arrangement meet.

2. Bridal / funerary / birthday wine / full moon wine / domestic Party

Had looked classical " 4 wedding and a funeral " . Traditional funeral of the Chinese seems to suit to produce romance not quite, wedding is absolutely and OK, this year is to marry good year, each lone woman can want pie-eyed ah.

3. Yard place

The person that this is close half encounters them the means of lifelong spouse. The men and women that is the same as the office often lacks appeal because of be familiar with too, put eye far, the colleague of different branch, branch, client and supplier, and all lone men that have working concern.

4. "The white-collar is lone club " , " red male green female " , " 6 people dinner " , " 8 minutes of fast appointment " other perhaps and similar couplet friendship organization

Not so appear with dating appearance forthrightly, offer the opportunity of lone socialization however. Although you did not come up against the person oen is in love with, OK also associate with arrives good friend, perhaps later they introduce your lifelong spouse.

5. Business affairs meets

Beneficent evening party / taste a news briefing newly / such-and-such anniversary is celebrated / gallery bender is waited a moment. OK and active self introduction, commutative calling card. Leave your telephone number, EMAIL, MSN, make him OK find you. If you part company inside a week after, he did not make an appointment with you, you can make an appointment with him actively, if he is not arranged the 2nd times, do not have interest to you namely.
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