Aseismatic during providing disaster relief, wedding adds love link emcee to nee
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"Originally I and object planned to cancel wedding, but marriage banquet marriage is celebrated had been ordered last year, happy post also had been sent, so must as usual is held. " before the citizen Shenyang gentleman that just held marriage dinner before long tells a reporter, treating the whole nation now aseismatic the hour that provide disaster relief, hold wedding to appear a little malapropos right now. Be in to let enter bridal visitor festival while the love that experiences bridegroom bride, the emcee in bridal process announces new personality uses case gift at aiding financially disaster area children to go to school in public, this action caused attendant guest's thunderous applause.

Reporter from the our city a few marriage celebrated a company to understand recently, the seismic calamity of arise suddenly lets the new personality that many near futures marry unaware, because festive atmosphere is mixed after all,the heavy mood of current people nots agree with, many new personality fear guest inconvenience attends marriage dinner. Staff member of registry office of our city marriage expresses, from May 12 since, the measure that marriage registers decreased than early days nearly 3 into, especially the whole nation mourns day 3 days, although on May 19, on May 20, May 21 is wedding day, still be unmanned call at sb's house. And those who make many new personality more difficult is, marriage banquet is ordered particularly hard this year, if cancel temporarily,can cause certain loss. So many our city new personality are initiative in bridal process increase contribution to wait " love is consecratory " link, in joy festival in increase beneficent and solemn mood.

"I just attend marriage dinner of the friend, bridal spot gave state of Red Cross acknowledgment of a city for every guest, writing above ' the contribution that appreciates you to be made to Red Cross career, wish our life is happy because of dedication... ' your person is touched still do not break fresh. " citizen Ms. Chen says, as a result of bridegroom bride to city Red Cross contribute money 600 yuan, gave 300 acknowledgment state so, as it happens distributes guest, not only the form is novel still can remind a citizen to be love of disaster area dedication. Happy match marriage celebrates chief to tell a reporter, according to the diverse demand of new personality, they can celebrate plan and marriage banquet to decorate in the marriage of the near future on add love segment, for instance emcee chairs need dialect is composed and not be beyond the mark and festival, marriage dinner scene increases " love is consecratory " wait for scroll candlestick, even the love that some new personality express to want to hold spot contribute money is bridal, contribution process should cooperate in time " the dedication of love " wait for song, this is in before marriage in celebrating a process, do not see more.
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