Want to marry, search marry assistant will help
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The young men and women that comes namely to wedding day, what how should have dealt with oneself is bridal, the likelihood is the problem that everybody cares most. Most person lifetime marries, doing wedding to be able to say is to do not have any experience, can rely on to ask wedded the person only or oneself fumble slowly. Still be in when you the choice that is day of bridal item arrangement, bridal auspicious, bridal engineer and trouble unceasingly when, small make up go up in Hua Jun website inadvertentlyHttp:// The < that found a grade to be 5 stars marries assistant > software, this is small make up the first when see to run software about what hold wedding, through downloading try out, small make up discovery this software general " bridal " the important matter in this one life and network are united in wedlock adequately, pass the systematic government of network software, be attributed to all sorts of trival things in marrying unified, can hold wedding to have certain help effect to oneself really so.

"Marry assistant " the characteristic with the oldest software is: Pass the guide function of software, can let you know to marry immediately all item of this preparation, and be chosen through be being ticked off simply, can fashion the whole matter that holds wedding and technological process. You can choose simple wedding also or it is luxurious wedding, those who differ is bridalBagContained item is different, technological process is different also, at the same time software still can let you make capital budget, timeline for every item, handle affairs personnel divides the work, and can according to item finish spend or the budgetary situation of capital has statistic and sort, the each arrangement be clear at a glance in making you right marry, all accuse in the palm in. On post of happy event of management of buy of antependium of wine of this explicit guest arrangement, banquet, red bag, hair, it also everything needed is ready, rose adequately " assistant " action, the marriage that provides a comprehensive, system to the user runs program.

Everybody follows below small make up see < marriage assistant together > particular function.

Will look to marry above all guide, marry the means that guide uses one pace to choose, look very clear, you are ticked off simply through a few merely anthology, . Can decide inside a few minutes your bridal item is arranged.
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