Bask in bask in I and husband to marry the happy instant of 5 months
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The winter 2008 to me it is the warmest winter in life, I and husband classics person introduce, in understanding we go to civil administration bureau getting finish marriage card after 3 months. The colleague friend beside thinks we are was developed by love brains, but I know us two people are very earnest look upon of this life important matter. 3 months time, we maintained the other side to he should search or await long person namely each other. Nowadays, 8 months went, our thing already was others mouth no longer go up talk endowment, and myself also did not feel however regret. We are experienced at the same time after be together with the other side, ability some happiness feels, and this kind of happy feeling can go down continuously all the time, infiltration arrives among our life, become the feeling with a kind of active life.

Before this, what I ever had experienced one end length to amount to 3 years is long the love that fails however, and he is in abroad 5, 6 years dozen in going all out, also experienced big cases arrive to fall greatly, encountering from the beginning again comer lays difficult position, at this moment we encountered, new happy ability just begins, my all the time does not feel this kind of happy presence since 5 months.

I remember clearly marrying he sang for me that day that " you should marry me today " , only I know to sing run he of tone to cruel to learn this song my music box was contacted full a month, he says he wants to sing this perfect, yes he was accomplished. Hearing each word, I am to touch.

Have food is made in the home weekend, I am cut not carefully in one's hand, he is very aching disinfect for me, wrap up. The following day when I get up, he has gone to work, see there is the tooth brush of crowded good toothpaste on the cup that brush one's teeth when me, of a man attentive occasionally very let a person touch.

My stomach is bad, occasionally in succession a few days of inappetence, he always can come off work ahead of schedule, do a bowl of congee to give me busy sweating, want to know before this he never has left a kitchen, look at him to wearing the form with my busy in the kitchen dress, I know this is happy.
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