There is this marital deposit book in the heart
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How many does your marital deposit have. Had been calculated? Perhaps you can ask, how can this calculate? Marital content is to cannot take what money will measure!

Of course cannot. Say so, marriage is a bankbook, recorded above stock and defray. What you stock is feeling, of defray also is feeling.

Rose that day from what marry, this feeling bankbook began to use.

Some people, love each other dynamic, loath to part from each other, they think, the saving on emotional bankbook is enough make sure they live happily all one's life. But before long, they begin to go up from this bankbook draw money, had first time brawl for them together. Later, had first time to misunderstand again... they were not communicated in time, also did not adjust appropriately, complaint accumulates deeper more, the saving on bankbook is decreasing bit by bit. Eventually one day, the saving on bankbook spends light, the men and women goes straight towards one party each. Have more very person, not only saving beautiful light, still be heavily in debt, this is emotive overdraw. [Jilin marriage celebrates a net]

Also some people, their emotional experience is insipid be like water, classics person introduces two acquaintance, because arrived the age and marry, original emotional saving is not very much. But after marriage, they are mutual care, considerate with support, manage this paragraph of marriage cautiously grow. Their that feeling bankbook, the saving is increasing. Final, they became happy and wealthy person, perfect marriage brings them this. [Jilin marriage celebrates a net]

So, when we enter marriage, must put deposit book of a feeling at the heart, zhang of ferial silent con, lie between period of time to calculate calculate income and expenses to whether be balanced. E.g. , produce Ju Tiao with the other side, calculate defray 10 minutes; Reach each other through communicating forgive, restore good relations, calculate stock 10 minutes; Ferial the letter that writes the one intendment that seal affection to cut to the other side expresses love, calculate stock 5 minutes; When intense quarrel, throw a cup on the spot, calculate defray 8 minutes... with this analogize, it is a few simple arithmetic.

Can not look down upon this a few minutes stock or defray. In its backside, reflecting a kind of main concern that cannot ignore, marital essence is permeated actually between these dribs and drabs. [Jilin marriage celebrates a net]
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