City marriage variations
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People is right the manner of extramarital love, can see change from inside the following appellation: Adulterine, a third party, extramarital affair. "Adulterine " this vocabulary contains clear derogatory sense color not only, and in some specific period returns criminality be regardinged as. And " extramarital affair " it is a neuter word apparently, can be certain person because of a few special colour even take delight in talking about.
The result no more than of extramarital love is two kinds: It is to break current combination to turn to new combination; 2 it is mad after making a noise to had been been troubled by too, go back goes. And the extramarital love majority of city white-collar chose latter, they want to obtain the emotive outside marriage to stimulate only, be disinclined to divorce however. After building He Ping newly-married, feeling all the time very smooth, friends very the immortal day that envies them. But before long hind, duckweed discovers the husband had other woman. For all that, the manner that builds pair of duckweed and enthusiasm do not have the change with apparent what however, do not have requirement divorce more. Duckweed is avowed it is a wife that visits the home softly, she always wants not to understand her after all err what, where is the fault. In confabulate with the husband, the husband expresses, because,he looks for a lover is not the emotional burst with the wife, is merely those who stem from lives of pair of increasingly flat husband and wife is cheesed, want to be besides the wife look for new stimulation, "Add the bit of salt, vinegar that increase a point, sesame-seed oil that increase a point to the life like Bai Shui " . [Jilin marriage celebrates a net]
Contemporary affection expert thinks generally, of marriage maintain and satisfactory little not sexual love. "Love resembles cement, sexual love is reinforcing steel bar, make concrete with. " marrying is a kind of form with civilized necessary society above all, the marriage certificate is the passport of a kind of government that enters sexual kingdom, its existence expresses this pair of men and womens to be able to have sexual activity freely. But also because of freedom, the spirit that just makes sexual love of husband and wife medium is satisfied and carnal pleasure drop off, because of those happiness before marriage psychedelic disappeared slowly. No less than nots character of institute of heart of Yi of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces: "The sexual behavior after marrying legally can be not made sufficient compensation to the sexual life before marriage by limitation. Generally speaking, it can bring about birth movement a few kinds of the minority between permissive husband and wife to seek only contented, because of a such cause, the happy sexual life after marriage can keep a few years of time only. The happy sexual life after marriage can keep a few years of time only..
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