Of love and marriage protect wet factor
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A cummer on the net tells me, just quarrelled greatly with husband one, the reason is her before the short message that male friend gave her mobile phone to send a blessing that day in her birthday, husband thinks their apparently severed, because " he grows well than me, the nature in your heart is put no less than " , but how he knows that man is finer than him? This cummer says those who accuse to she is straight-out photograph, "Because love him, want so honest, it is he says to love each other should be without reservation, but now however distrust I. " cummer naturally is subdued extremely. [Jilin marriage celebrates a net]
The woman always likes to say intimate word to the person that loves most to listen. Glass makes the heart of little imagine sweetheart, sometimes perhaps bear but do not remove overmuch collision, this shows, firm marriage do not answer only love, still should have each other credit, marriage is managed on the foundation of sincere letter, be readily solved of ability of a lot of problems. [Jilin marriage celebrates a net]
I think husband and wife gets along, but this plants feeling principle problem must frank and sincere. The bagatelle of and so on of other oil and salt-chief daily necessities, child is done not have necessary said, perhaps say much the man can feel irritated. Actually a lot of matters say with saying is a kind of form only, and mutual trust just is crucial, my accredit husband, so I do not need some detail issues in his life bother about, be in marriage or should take a few spaces.
I and husband have respective friend, encounter trouble to also have respective untangle method. Occasionally perhaps he is not the first selection that I pour out, but final I or meeting tell him, some problems are not baleful deceit, conceal well-meaningly understandable.
The woman always is exacting and perfect, natural sometimes I also can am opposite the heart puts the carelessness of husband to complain or resent, at this moment I can choose and cummer chats, let bad mood abreact come out to be told to husband again. But I won't choose to pour out to opposite sex friend, because can cause a lot of needless misunderstanding in that way.
Result time grew, the life so transparent, hard to avoid is met feeling is insipid, but a few details in carrying the life will convey each other to care, still can make Chang Xin of feeling of husband and wife. Although we marry 8 years, but still can understand two telephone calls everyday, even if be simple greeting only sometimes. [Jilin marriage celebrates a net]
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