Marry the toilet of around
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There is lot of a packet of cotton only at most in his toilet before marrying, after marrying, he opens the locker door in toilet, at the moment immediately 1000 trees cotton of 10 thousand trees leaves.

Before marrying, his hank toilet paper can use 3 months, reluctance of 3 toilet paper after marrying uses a month.

Before marrying, he remembers the brand name number of canister of container of the bottle inside her toilet secretly, face about is in oneself purchase, every eats forbid, all have sufficient 3 kinds of different brands are offerred anthology, for her stay adds nice surprise, after marrying his repeated orders, bottle container canister is upper limit with 8 bottles, after every open successive the bottle container canister that a month had not employed, must make rubbish processing immediately.

Before marrying if she is in,dillydally bathes in toilet a many hour, he is unavoidable feel distressed, buckle way to do sth " took care to fasten catch a cold " , after marrying, still be to feel distressed, buckle way to do sth " fastened wasteful water and electricity " .

Before marrying, he is picking up a beautiful hair that catchs occasionally on toilet floor tile, sway gently; After marrying, he is catching the tousle that draws out ability from bath crock sewer, pant heavily.

The he needs in place of the have a bowel movement in toilet time before marrying always is very long; The time that after marrying, needs decreases greatly, she uses toilet within an inch of to was not fumed after close therewith, just now suddenly realizes him to use the toilet endless mystery in those days.

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