The love regulations of 59 lifetime benefit from
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Want to have a good love, only a heart that loving the other side greatly is far insufficient. If do not have enough wisdom, foolish foolish the ground holds to the sort of blame blind namely deaf alleged and spoony, your love or is met bedding bag prison, or lets your compensate get principal to not have return. Avoid a risk for utmost ground, clever woman, will quickly look below the love regulations of lifetime benefit from, believe you can benefit a lot certainly...

  The love regulations of benefit from of lifetime of 〗 of 〖 spirit law:

▲ 1. Do not go for loneliness love, time is a devil, after a considerable period of time, if you are an amorous person, although do not love the other side, also can produce feeling to moment, how do you do to finally?

★ 2. Do not marry to be in charge of and go. Want to know, loving the other side to marry with the other side however is responsible least of all. Although make the other side very sad at that time, but always compare let him a few years even all one's life sad strong.

● 3. Without giving thought to how old much older, no matter how is family friend urged, do not treat marriage casually, marriage is not card games, reshuffle should pay enormous price.

◆ 4. Emotive thing basically is opposite without who who is wrong, he (she) should leave you, always be where you have to cannot make him contented, think the time that was together in the past later, always be good. Of course, despicable emotional cheater also has, their fair-spoken it is for diddle the other side and him go to bed completely, such person still is few number.

   5. mixesThe lifeThe habit has the person love of a lot of difference to never mind, marry should discreet, is different.

▲ 6. Someone says love wants to seek the person that he likes, marry should seek the person that likes oneself, it is one-sided. What doesn't the lover like him to have to you can be loved? Doesn't him wife like how to pass all one's life?

★ 7. Love a person really, be about to let him as far as possible.
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