Cannot not see husband and wife between classical law
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  Editor's note: There are a lot of husband and wife beside us, look more, always can sum up an a few law to come from which. The following many law, may not a rational, but also have a few close to " the devil is mensurable " --

  Fried dish law: The affirmation that often stir-fries is a wife, the affirmation with delicious fried dish is the husband.

   Faithfulness is mensurable: The wife loves the man the more, the man is right wife the more faithful; The husband loves a wife the more, the wife is opposite the more the husband is not loyal.

   Beautiful money is mensurable: The wife is dressing up money flower (hairdressing, apparel) on, the husband has been in money flower (smoke, wine, card... ) on addiction.

   Buy dish law: It do not know to buy what food to market is good to do not know to buy what food to market is a wife more, what see to market what dish buys what food is the husband more.

   Maturity is mensurable: The man that is being loved greatly by the wife the more matures the more, the wife that is being bestowed favor on by marital charming the more the more immature.

   Talking law: Who says the word is morer between husband and wife, whose word does not have heft more.

   Harm is mensurable: Between husband and wife, one party is paid morer to another, the harm that when parting company, gets is greater.

   Blame law: What often complain always is a wife, what often be blamed always is the husband.

   Work mensurable: In marital eye, always live without what in the home; In the eye of the wife, always have in the home do not work.

   Work mensurable: Work what get better closes always is the husband, work had wanted to go up those who had added always is a wife.

   Move outfit is mensurable: The man has formfitting dress only and lack fashionable clothing; The woman has fashionable clothing only and lack formfitting dress.

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