The marriage that 5 action let you no longer commonplace
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What is marriage? Marriage is marriage. Need safeguards marriage, but should looking is what kind of marriage. Having a few feeling is the commonnest in marriage, having a few things can avoid in marriage. If you have fun at, might as well read the law below. [Jilin marriage celebrates a net]

One, the love of others always is very romantic, oneself love always is very commonplace.

Look in a lot of people, love and romance are two words that be equal almost. Scan widely looks, the sweethearts all round has almost precious jade than fining jade the novel dizzies even purpose romance experiences. It seems that the love of everybody has special place, some is having bizarre acquaintance experience, some is having labyrinthian pursuit process, in the happiness that some at dinner of flower, candle power, concert and outing is enmeshed. But almost everybody feels his love is very commonplace, even if the place that those sweethearts that are envied also do not become aware what he have is special, this is a strange thing really. Actually love is the thing of very smooth fact originally, have the window of a few romance, but more it is obvious thing, and the in always fastening life to live window that you see, of appreciate always is him in the life insipid. Actually romance and not romantic what to have again? Seeking happy gift is amative essence. [Jilin marriage celebrates a net]

2, first love is very beautiful, but have satisfactory final result hard.

Be in by tens of thousands in classical love story, probably 80% it is about first love. First love resembles a green apple, sending out inviting fragrance, but tasting is to make what the person bears hard acerb however. The first love lover in work of movie and TV always can go up too the happy life that Ling Renyan admires, however, the first love story in real life ends with failing mostly.

The person that the beauty of first love depended on it reflecting annals of a heart to have not mature is right of fairy tale yearning. Think like dot it is OK to ride on broom like sibylline free in that way flight. The first time that become a person is immersed in the strong good opinion to the opposite sex, think oneself can deduce a moving love children's stories personally. Carry out the occasion that often appears in love story, see meteor shower than going like, make an appointment the lakefront after rain, can let appearance of spirit of person be charmed, all after all abandoned the occasion of actual setting is unusually beautiful. However marriage is too too real thing, as time parting, actual setting surmounts visional idea, the beauty of first love is with respect to crystal like ball before broken.
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