Of happy matrimony 10 big invisible killer
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Husband and wife often ignoredThe lifeDetail, often cause the conflict between husband and wife or cold war, for this, authoritative expert summed up the 10 big detail that marital happiness affects in domesticity, provided significant interpose measure at the same time. [Jilin marriage celebrates a net]

  Suspicious each other

"So late ability comes home, does you and who date? " marital bout home, the wife keeps turning over his mobile phone, the examination has new phone code and disgusting short message, become even he and opposite sex are much word of say a few words also acetic meaning be overflowing with.

   Comment on: Because the space to the other side is too little,this is. Develop oneself interest more, go dancing to village fitness center, take a walk, after oneself life rich and colorful, won't stare at attention blindly on body of the other side.

   It is with the gender punish

The woman is wrapping a quilt to lay down first, the man subsequently also go to bed asks sexual life. The woman does not agree stoutly.

   Comment on: Go to undesirable mood and sexual life mix into one case, can produce undesirable effect to sexual life. At this moment, the husband should enquire the wife is the body uncomfortable not happy still perhaps work too tired, give the other side to be comforted appropriately subsequently. The wife if mood not beautiful is not willing to have sexual life, had better tell the husband his idea directly, because did not abreact to just live sexual life without the mood angrily,letting marital him understanding is, is not a kind of penalty to the husband. [Jilin marriage celebrates a net]

  "Divorce " minatory

When quarrelling, the man says: "This day did not have a law to pass, divorce. " the wife says: "How do I marry you such person, regret really. Regret really..

   Comment on: Constant " divorce " be being hanged in mouth edge is a kind of menace that gives opposite party, time became long resemble " the wolf came " the story is same, crisis of meeting occurrence accredit. Marriage is one paper certificate not merely, it is a kind of responsibility more. [Jilin marriage celebrates a net]
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