The dreamy wedding style with this welcome summer
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The bridal style with the most welcome summer realizes his dreamy wedding

Photography of gauze of marriage of rose love reason recommends: Romance is elegant

Overall style: Carry the detail dress of individual character, build fairy tale kind only beautiful, holy wedding

Select bridal site fully: Arboretum or the outdoors greenbelt of hollowness

Maximum part spends in wedding: A few lovely dreamy ornamental or ceremonial detail expenditure, resemble for example " swan lake " the love oath that witness you together in that way by peacock and white swan, or the pumpkin car that the bride is taking Cinderella comes on the stage etc

Field arranges optimal plan: Can use flower mosaic the initial adornment of oneself and sweetheart full name is in in the entrance

Optimal theme colour: Butter shallow pink of yellow, dream, Xi Qin is green

The bride is optimal modelling: Small skirt of the type that wrap a bosom is placed linear model marriage gauze

Bridegroom is optimal modelling: Suit of formal light color suit or swallowtail

Modelling of a matron of honour: Light color department and genu silk pledge evening is installed

Marriage banquet form: Western-style marriage banquet

Mensal adornment: 8- - 10 people the circle is mensal, with the rose, and hoof lotus, lily be united in wedlock as element of main beautiful material and fruit undertake flower art is decorated

Bridal background music: By the Live music that band plays

Bridal cake: Cake of wedding of elliptic candy frost, use lace adornment

Bridal recompense: The frequency products of Logo of wedding of Yin Youxin's person or pack delicate candy

When bridal end honored guest leaves, they can think: This resembles a fairy tale story really kind moving!

Photography of gauze of marriage of rose love reason recommends: Chic and costly

Overall style: Small-sized, luxuriant, formal

Select bridal site fully: The costly dining-room in the city or banqueting hall of astral class hotel

Maximum part spends in wedding: Marriage banquet eat tastes the water that reach wine
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