Gout marriage common: Newly-married should be besmeared black
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Aberdonian wedding is consuetudinary also experienced all changeful change as historical changes. Be in contemporary in Aberdonian wedding, we still can see the mark with a few consuetudinary traditions, but have a few already not answer the tradition with old existence is consuetudinary it is more interesting.

In Barra island, people can bless new personality in the aspersion on marriage bed with this. In Mull, the night of newly-married, bridegroom bride should sleep in stable. And in Lewis, new people must want and parents lives on in the home that ability returns themselves after a week.

What inchoative Yu Yi teachs ceremonial Kaierte the person is consuetudinary and old the one part that coming is marriage celebration ceremony all the time. Bridegroom brides can tear apart the amice of their Scotland tartan, next fasten is together, indicative two familial union.

According to the tradition of Gael, in May or wane when when marrying ominous. And in Aberdeenshire, "Tu Hei " (Blackening) also is a very popular traditional custom up to now. The accurate bridegroom that has been engaged and accurate bride may be in some day in the evening by the a gang " friend " capture lives, be waited for by besmear full honey, feather, coal ash all over next thing, and by forcibly around the village or bar parade publicly expose. Often be wanted to spend several talents to be able to be cleaned clean by Tu Hei's person.

Seam the hair the good with petitioning luck on the plait side that takes in knot wedding, get on hematic drop in the inseam of skirt, these are a few very interesting but already not quite popular consuetudinary. The bride cannot be worn before bridal day very luxuriant complex perhaps skirt, to get used to this one consuetudinary, the knot is by the side of the pleat that marriage formal attire can have one share just can seam to the last moment go up.

The bride is in when leaving the home as lone girl last time, should step a house first with right leg, such ability are more auspicious.