Tibetian marriage banquet 18 say
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Tibetian marriage banquet 18 say, it is to circulate the folk tales of a kind of folk that visits area of inhabit a region of Tibetian of area of agriculture of the eastpart part in me, companion arises as Tibetian marriage common and develop and form, language straightaway, full of humour and wit, have rich culture intention, bearing the weight of long historical tradition and full-bodied ethical characteristic, learn in Tibetian history, folklore, nation, the research value of language literature respect is very high.

" group article heaven and earth " subeditor Kan is a Tibetian scholar originally, come for years, he devotes oneself to the research of pair of Tibetian marriage common all the time. Tell about in his in, the reporter is right Tibetian marriage banquet the 18 Tibetian folk culture that say to be in severe danger this kind, had more knowledge.

Origin but date from comes period of Tibetan regime in ancient China

Tibetian marriage banquet 18 say, basically circulate the autonomous county of coadjutant the Tu nationality that visits area of agriculture of the eastpart part in me, happy county, civilian change with autonomous county of autonomous county of the Tu nationality of the Hui nationality, the Hui nationality that change grand, abide scatter pull a group of things with common features the countryside of Tibetian masses inhabit a region of autonomous county and other places, live the Tibetian that be here basically is mixed at cerebral hill region of low mountanious region, for generations is engaged in farming agrarian,

As we have learned, basis " writ of history of Tibetan regime in ancient China " the account that waits for relevant document, tibetian marriage banquet 18 saying history source, going up from time space is cannot specific calculative, but all sorts of folk-custom that rely on marriage to live, be like in those days civil into princess and soft support dry cloth is when Lhasa get married, to foil bridal atmosphere, with respect to somebody congratulate congratulates, form and marriage banquet the 18 certain part in saying are approximate, from this knowable, 18 saying histories compare Tibetian marriage banquet long.

The area of all Tibetian inhabit a region that area of agriculture of the eastpart part visits in me previously is circulating marriage banquet 18 say, but later the changes as the times, especially Qing Qianlong year, ferry of red of Luo Bo Tibet is revolting after be being appeased, clear government lives in Huang to for generations medium, big, the Tibetian of Huang source and other places restricts language saying Tibet, as time passes, the Tibetian masses of these areas marriage dinner the 18 mother tongue that say Lai Yisheng is put give lost. From now on, tibetian marriage banquet the 18 range that say to circulate atrophic with each passing day.
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