Jiangxi auspicious installs prefectural marriage common
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Common marriage common

Discuss closeOld society, marriage of male and female listens completely parental life, the character of intermediary Shuo, oneself cannot own. Discuss say again in person " ask a name " . The bride's side when issueing the date that the daughter is born (common says " give eight Characters about one's birth " ) , the bridegroom's or husband's family asks fortune-telling gentleman " add up to character 8 " , "Character 8 " go up to call somewhat ominous " strong gram " , go back " character 8 " give u. If not have " strong gram " , give list of present by the bride's side again (the name is affiance book, solid for book of ask a price) , recompense of the bridegroom's or husband's family is odd (not valence) . Bilateral opinion is unified, can betrothal. Discuss when kissing, still stress be well-matched in social and economic status, of the same surname not marriage, to the age " would rather male big 7, cannot female big one " , " male big 7 hair, female big one evil spirit " . Discuss when marriage, the men and women does not meet, complete by woman matchmaker practise fraud, often cause marital tragedy. After liberating, discuss close, list of present of continue to use, whole remove from office of more than common.

BetrothalClassics introducer is asked for so that both sides agrees, but betrothal. After liberating, rural betrothal means has 2: 1, take a picture. Young men and women goes into town flap be engaged photograph, buy to the girl make stylish clothings and articles for daily use 2. , see a someone (renown " see room " ) . The girl invites domestic relative to go the bridegroom's or husband's family " see a someone " (son-in-law of the real family property that it is explore, photograph) , the bridegroom's or husband's family " also should hit empty a treadle-operated tilt hammer for hulling rice 3 times without rice " , must with make tea, mug-up, prandial (common says " one artillery piece 3 noises " ) , regale is xenial. Elder of girl Xiang Nan's square relative, ordinal travel meets ceremony, get red package, say again " crural bull money " . The person that the woman will see a someone, give by the bridegroom's or husband's family " dismiss " (give gift) , to parents " dismiss " dress material, someone else " dismiss " towel or egg.

Hire all rightOne of 6 ceremonies. Old society, exquisite " 3 tea 6 ceremonies " . "3 tea " point to " great gift cake " , " small tea cake " , " medicinal powder child " (short food) , use mark door, entertain guests, say " enjoy numerous " . "6 ceremonies " point to " ask a name " , " betrothal " , " hire all right " , " period " , " greet close " , " close nuptial wine cup " . Hire all right say again " pass a gift " , today over " see room " undertake the following day. The man according to " list of present " be carried, cross half gift to give the woman. Red paper is stuck on gift, indicative and auspicious, the lid has child Bai Xie, indicative " descendants develops " , " all ages is evergreen " . Male youth pays a formal visit all right to woman relative elders ceremony, get red package. The bride's side answers footgear of the cap that hire the garment to male youth, indicative " establish the ground " . Female shoe and male shoe are answered along with all the others hire, the egg is held in the shoe, indicative " geminate and didymous " , " much child much happiness " . Participate in the person that hires all right, get woman towel, egg " dismiss " .
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