Civilization ancient country - of Egypt extravagant marriage common
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The Egypt that regards 4 old culture as one of ancient countries is having long and bright culture, its marriage is consuetudinary having alone characteristic.

The traditional wedding of Egypt is consuetudinary and distinctive chic, civilian heretofore is circulating a kind of such practices: Both sides of the men and women before marriage must not meet, bridal ceremonially witnesses the appearance of the other side.

Be engaged

Young men and women is achieved marry the age, do sewing work through go-between, the man's mother or the sister sees a girl, the girl's case introduces to the boy in detail after coming back, appearance nature of the girl is key content of the description. The boy is satisfied, girl home expresses to agree, bilateral parent chooses a day to hold be engaged ceremony. Be engaged the ceremony is chosen more hold in girl home, also many families choose guesthouse, hotel today or club. When be engaged, man parents must give the betrothal gifts with brushstroke considerable amount to woman father and mother, woman father and mother will be a daughter to get married with gold of this betrothal gifts purchase necklace of bracelet of golden ring, gold, gold to wait for article, purchase the furniture in newly-married room even. The expenditure that purchases these goods is very tall, the betrothal gifts that the man sends is insufficient apparently, the woman's parents still must add one share. Be engaged ceremonially, the boy's sister represents him ring of a gold on the right hand ring finger of Dai Zaigu's woman, some other peoples still send gold bracelet child with golden necklace. In Egypt, whether is a girl engaged, want to see the right hand ring finger of the other side can know only. Woman father and mother is entertained with beverage, mug-up attend be engaged ceremonial people, enthusiasm of guest and host chats, and sing together dance.

After be engaged, bilateral family should pass the men and women 9 years even preparatory job of 34 years, ability holds the ceremony that marries formally. From be engaged to hold wedding in this paragraph of time, on holidays needs man home to send a few gifts to woman home, as a result of fiance cannot the face sees fiancee, the gift is sent by man home the womenfolk of a family.


Hold a bridal day that, the womenfolk of a family of bridegroom home people gang ground will to bridal home receive close. They accompany bridal bath first, help a bride put on the gorgeous and showily newly-married formal attire that man home delivers next. Newly-married formal attire is white gauze dress, lap is very long, the need when walking 6 to 8 children the help is holding long skirt in the palm. Wear good newly-married ceremonial robe or dress, the womenfolk of a family people help bridal do up one's hair make up again, the hair is combed the tress of tens of root slightness, and wear sundry hair act the role of and necklace, dangler, bracelet. Apparel end, the bride accompanies the elder in falling to reach a village to mayor in family people leave. Be in namely this moment, several adornment get the carriage of multicoloured to come to bridal home, this is receive close a train of horses carrying goods by what the mother of bridegroom guides.
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